Welcome to Bishop Manogue Catholic High School

We welcome you to explore our community, which holds a rich past and an innovative future.

Our Mission

Bishop Manogue Catholic High School is committed to: Educating through Faith, Leadership, Knowledge, and Compassion.

Our Philosophy

Bishop Manogue Catholic High School is a faith-based community working together for the education of all students.  Catholic values and ideals are the basis for all instruction and interaction. The school community, together with parents, alumni, and benefactors, fosters an environment that supports academic achievement, spiritual growth, self-motivation, extra-curricular involvement, and Christian service.

2016 final report cards are now available for viewing and printing in MyBackPack. You can access your child’s report card by following these steps:

1. Log on to MyBackpack
2. Under the “My Profile” heading, select “My Documents.”
3. Click on the appropriate link

ESA Enrollment Now Open!
May 1-June 30, 2016

Are you Eligible?

The Education Savings Account Program (ESA), or SB 302, provides a means for Nevada Parents with children enrolled in a public/charter school to choose a different option to meet their educational needs. These funds are not based on family income. Pending the removal of the preliminary injunction, parents can simply apply for an Education Savings Account and a percentage of what the state funds for their child's public education will be deposited into an account for that child. Nevada's ESA program is being administered by the State Treasurer's Office (STO), who is responsible for establishing the regulations, timelines, and program successes.

A student must attend a Nevada public/charter school for at least 100 uninterrupted school days immediately prior to submitting an application for an account.

ESA funds may be used for educational expenses such as: private school tuition, tuition at eligible institutions, distance education, curriculum, tutoring, fees, transportation, specialized services or therapies for students with a disability.For more information or to submit an application, please visit the site: http://www.nevadatreasurer.gov/schoolchoice/home/

Check out our NEW Miner Academy!

BMCHS is now offering its first signature academy: the Miner Academy, focusing on earth sciences, earth-based engineering, and technology fields. Click here for more info.

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