2014-2015 Domestic Tuition and Fees



Regular Tuition Rate: $10,250

Catholic Parish Rate: $9,350
(with signed Parish Affiliation Form)

Gap*: $1,740



Sibling Discount: $600
(Credited off the regular tuition rate for each additional sibling after the first attending

One-time Admission Application Fee: $125
(An early fee of $75 will be offered for those who apply by Nov. 7, 2014.)

Annual Registration Fee: $700

Graduation Fee: $175
(Charged to seniors only, for each student’s costs for graduation including, cap and gown,Baccalaureate Mass and Dinner, graduation, and personalized alumni brick on the alumni plaza)


* What is GAP? The total cost of educating a domestic student at BMCHS is $11,990. The tuition we charge only pays 85% of this total cost, which leaves us with a GAP of $1,740 per student that we must make up through fees, donations, tuition assistance and the proceeds of annual fundraising events. We kindly request able families to consider making a tax deductible donation in addition to tuition in the amount of $1,740 to cover the GAP. By doing so, you help Bishop Manogue balance its budget and pay 100 percent of your child’s education cost. You will also have your service hour requirement waived!

Textbooks: In order to make things as simple and as cost-efficient as possible for you, we partner with MBS Direct to be our official online textbook provider. Each school term, we will work side-by-side with MBS Direct to organize our Virtual Bookstore to match our students’ course schedules. Textbooks and course materials can be purchased online at mbsdirect.net/bishopmanogue.htm.

Uniforms: Our uniform requirement is intended to foster an environment that lends itself to serious study and interaction, and to dignify both the individual and the school. Uniforms not only for their professional appearance, but also for the equity they offer our students and the safety they help maintain in our community. Dennis Uniform Company is the uniform supplier for Bishop Manogue, and all apparel must be from Dennis Uniform. Uniform attire can be purchased online www.dennisuniform.com.

Parent Service Hours: We require each family contribute at least 20 hours of service to Bishop Manogue each year they attend. We believe parent participation, whether being present among our students or driving them to and from their countless activities, is a necessary component to the success of our school. We value and thank all the parents we see in our lunch room, campus store, administrative office, athletic and club events, parents association meetings, fundraisers, and athletic events. In the event a family does not complete their 20 hours, we bill $25 per hour not completed by the end of the school year.


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