Please Complete Online Enrollment!

Hello parents,

While the end of THIS school year is uppermost in all of our minds right now, there are some very important things to address for the NEXT school year as well.

It is crucial that all returning students complete the online enrollment process ASAP!

Counselors will begin the scheduling process very soon, and schedules will only be created for those students who have completed online enrollment.  The best way to ensure that your child will get the classes they want is to ENROLL NOW!

Begin the enrollment process by logging in to your MyBackpack account and selecting “Enrollment/Re-enrollment.”  For complete step-by-step instructions you can click here. 

If you have any trouble with online enrollment, or if your MyBack login needs to be reset, please call 336-6000.

If for some reason you have decided not to re-enroll your child at Bishop Manogue, please contact the administration as soon as possible to let them know of your decision.

Thank you.

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