2021 Athletics & Spectator FAQ

Why can’t parents attend away games as spectators?

Individual schools and school districts are all faced with the same requirements for gathering. That requirement is currently 100 people. Let’s use football as an example. If there are 50 players on the freshmen football team and we allow each player to bring only their mom and dad, we are at the limit. Like other schools, we have prioritized having the parents of our home team present for their games. You are welcome to contact the other schools and ask for permission to attend. Still, you will likely get the same response we are giving when opposing fans call us, “I am sorry, but we have to prioritize attendance for the parents of our players given the current state requirements for attendance.” 

Why do we have to RSVP for attendance?

The school is required to screen and keep a record of all attendees due to the COVID protocols. The only way to do so is to have attendees RSVP to a specific contest. 

If the attendance requirement is changed, will you reconsider?

Yes, as we stated in our letter that went out previously. The Governor has indicated that there is the potential for the limit to be raised to 250 on March 15th. If that occurs, then we will revisit the attendance policy. We would love to have as many fans as possible, within the rules.

I am an alumnus, a donor, parent of a large family, staff member, etc. Can’t you just sneak me in or give me or my student additional tickets?

Again, we love the passion and understand the desire to cheer on our athletes. But we will not break the rules, violating our morals, mission and potentially risking our athletes’ ability to compete to accommodate your attendance.

My child is involved in cheer, sports medicine, journalism, etc. Why can’t I attend the football game to support them in their efforts?

We understand that parents want to support their children, and in many cases like cheer, there are limited opportunities to do so. In addition to attending basketball and football games, the BMCHS cheer team also competes in NIAA Sanctioned Spirit Competitions. Similar to basketball and wrestling, the competitive cheer season was unfortunately missed this year due to safety and virus mitigation. If capacity requirements change, we will absolutely prioritize cheer families at football games next followed by sports medicine and journalism.

This is my child’s senior year; why can’t they go to a game/meet to cheer on their classmates?

Again, we are limited by the number of people we are allowed to attend. Even if we were to say no parents and the only attendees will be seniors, the class size would exceed the current attendance limits. We have had to make the difficult choice to prioritize the parents of the participants as attendees to the game.

What if I choose to show up anyway, without a ticket?

Any attendee that willfully chooses to ignore the protocols will be turned away. If they persist in defying the protocols or do not comport themselves with respect, they will be banned from the campus for any future events up to and including graduation.

Why isn’t my child’s sport being live-streamed?

We are working as quickly as we can to facilitate the live streaming of all sporting events. The NIAA has a contractual relationship with a streaming company. As a member school of the NIAA, we are obligated to utilize their company, and we are working diligently to meet the need. Some of the campus facilities were constructed with streaming in mind, some like our upper fields were not. We hope that we will be able to stream games as close to the start of the season as possible.

Why weren’t you better prepared for this?

Over the last year, schools’ rules and regulations, like all Nevada businesses, have changed with incredible speed and unpredictability. We learned exactly two weeks ago that sports would move forward. With football, in particular, we also had the added requirement that our players and teams would have to be tested weekly. So we had two weeks to figure out how to make everything work and work within the guidelines. Our team has responded as quickly and professionally as possible. We are not limitless in our resources.