The summer mission trip to Belize will be July 15th – 22nd. We are going through an organization called Thirst Missions which is a Christian organization. Our days will be spent doing a variety of projects. In the mornings we will do some type of hands-on project, yet to be determined. This could be painting a church, fixing windows, etc. The afternoons will consist of more spiritual ministry such as tutoring children, planning Vacation Bible School, and hosting youth activities for junior high school students.


There will also be one afternoon when we will go visit the Mayan Ruins. On the last day, we will be having a fun day on an island called Caye Caulker which will include snorkeling.


Transportation will include a round-trip flight from and to Reno with one layover in Houston each way. Once we arrive, we will have a bus with a driver with us for the entire time, as well as a smaller vehicle with a driver for emergencies and small errands.


We will be staying in a hotel-style guest house. There will be four students in each room, gender separated. The place will be in a safe area complete with locks and security. It will also have wifi and outlets for charging phones.


Passports will be needed and expedited shipping is available. All travelers will either need to show proof of vaccination for entry or a negative covid test 72 hours before the trip if it’s a PCR test or 48 hours before if it’s a rapid test. For coming back to the USA, every participant will need a negative covid test. This test will be arranged by the trip leader. If a student does happen to be positive, at least one chaperone will stay with the student and have a safe place to stay. The cost of that potentially happening is included in the trip insurance. Please note that this covid information is based on current guidelines and is subject to change.


The total of the trip is $2,116. The breakdown is as follows –

  • Stay = $1,053

  • Airfare = $793

  • Travel insurance = $30

  • Extra day = $140

  • Funds for service = $100

  • Airport money = est. $75

  • Personal spending money = ?

The cost is based on 25 students attending. If more students sign up, it could slightly decrease. Personal fundraising is an option for students and families. We will need to put down a 40% deposit of $806 by April 10th.

Please contact with any questions!