Changes to the AP® Program

The AP® Program is making some improvements to the way it works. Our school has been selected to be one of 800 schools that will adopt new Advanced Placement (AP) annual processes, one year before all other schools. This means that there will be some changes to the way our students sign up for AP Exams this school year, including the fall exam ordering deadlines and a simple online registration.

The changes include an AP question bank and fall exam ordering.

New Classroom Resources

This fall, you’ll have access to a set of new resources designed to provide you with practice opportunities and feedback throughout the year:

  • AP question bank: Your teacher can use this library of real AP Exam questions to create in-class or homework practice assignments.
  • Performance results: Get feedback on the questions you were assigned. See the areas where you need to focus your practice.

Process Changes

You’ll register for exams in the fall, and you’ll need to be aware of fees for ordering late or cancelling your exam:

  • Digital activation: At the beginning of the school year, you’ll complete a simple online enrollment process that will give you access to the new classroom resources and provide information needed to register for the exams. If you have not yet received a join code from your child’s AP teacher, please contact the teacher directly.
  • Fall exam ordering: AP Exams must be ordered by no later than November 15 this year. When your child joins the course, you will enter your AP exam order. The school does not order exams for you anymore. This is the new College Board process.
  • Fees for late orders or cancelled exams: The base AP Exam fee stays the same, but fees will apply for exams ordered after November 15 or cancelled by March 1. Bishop Manogue will bill parents for any additional charges incurred as a result of not following the ordering deadlines or College Board procedures or for any ordered late exams.
  • If your child drops the class after November 15, you must access the My AP portal to cancel the exam you ordered to avoid additional charges.

All AP students should have been provided with this handout along with a join code specific to their course(s). Please follow the instructions on this form to ensure all of your child’s AP exams are ordered on time, and so that your child may have access to important AP classroom resources.


Please make sure your College Board profile information is accurate (i.e. address, email, phone numbers), so that the AP scores are delivered to the correct location.

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