Welcome Home Miners

It’s almost here…it’s almost time…Welcome Home Miners.  


The first time you walk in the building, it’s a little surreal.  I didn’t realize how strange it would be to return to campus.  I mean…besides having to get up and be professional ready (come on, we know some of you were business on top and pajamas on the bottom for all of quaranTIME learning), it is a strange and nostalgic feeling to return to a place after a long absence.  I realized part of it was strange because I was expecting it to be exactly as it was when I left it; full of kids and life.  Noisy hallways, excited laughter, getting ready for spring sports, the play, and the rush to graduation.  It took me a moment to get my head and heart to understand it isn’t that time.  It’s a new time.  And it’s time to be excited for our new.  For our now. 


I think it is going to take all of us some time to adjust to our new. It’s okay to mourn for what was, and it is okay to feel sad at times, but we need to look forward.  For our kids, for our teachers, for everyone at Bishop Manogue, we need to embrace our new time with the family excitement, love, spirit, and happiness that are the hallmarks of our school.  It’s not easy… we’re going to have to get creative and embrace different.  But as I gave myself the grown-up lecture to start embracing that different (not calling my dad because I definitely was not ready for a Mike-ism at this point – returning families understand, new families I’m sure you’ll hear tales about my dad soon), I began to feel inspired.  


We can do this.  We can be our Manogue in the new way.  We can have fun.  We can have spirit.  And we will do it while recognizing the hardships surrounding us.  We have to.  Our children deserve this. They deserve the final 4-3-2-1 years of their childhood – however many they have left.  As adults, leaders, parents, and friends in their lives, we need to do this for them.  Bringing them light and laughter doesn’t mean we don’t know, recognize, respect, or educate about what is happening around us.  It means that our job as educators is to make this year’s experience the best we possibly can.  


We love you Miners, and we are ready to welcome you home.  


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