Senior Yearbook Portraits–Important Information!

A friendly reminder to schedule your student’s formal senior portrait with Spicer Photography.  In order to insure consistency in quality, this is the only photographer we use for formal senior portraits in tux or drape.  We use these photos in the yearbook, for press releases, and other school-related functions such as the Baccalaureate Dinner.  The sitting fee is minimal and pays for processing and the photographer’s time and talent in producing a great photo of your senior.  You are welcome, of course, to work with any photographer for casual portraits, but for the formal portrait you must use Spicer Photography.  Spicer Photography also does excellent causal  portraits.  To see samples of their work, you’re welcome to drop by the school to see several years’ worth of composite photos in the main hallway or go on line at to see their work.  Appointments can be made by calling 746-5151.  Don’t let your senior be one who isn’t in the senior section of the yearbook!  Senior Tributes found in the back of the yearbook often include a casual portrait, so be sure to schedule that photo shoot in plenty of time to get photos to us by mid-November. Click here for information on the special offers Spicer is offering to Manogue families.

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