Our scholarships at Bishop Manogue are created and funded by private donations and benefactor memorial gifts.  We offer both need-based and merit-based scholarships and the criteria used for each scholarship is specific to each scholarship fund. Bishop Manogue Catholic High School does not offer any athletic-based scholarships. Need-based scholarships require a FACTS Grant and Aid Application to be completed as part of the application process and parents will need to have their 2016 tax returns prepared in order to complete the FACTS Application.

FACTS Grant and Aide Application

For the application, please click here.

Incoming Student Scholarships

For a list of scholarships for incoming students, please click here.

Returning Student Scholarships

For a list of scholarships for returning students, please click here.

Graduating Senior Scholarships

For a list of scholarships for graduating seniors, please click here.

To remain eligible for all Bishop Manogue scholarships, a student must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA and remain in good behavioral standings.  If at anytime during the school year, a student does not meet academic standards or does not adhere to the policies stated in the Bishop Manogue Catholic High School Parent-Student Handbook, the school can refuse to award financial aid, or revoke any financial aid awarded including scholarships.


Starting a Scholarship

Starting a scholarship at Bishop Manogue is one of the most profound ways you can impact the life of a deserving student. With our region continuing to experience growth, the need to provide the opportunity for a faith-based, college-preparatory education has never been greater.

We have compiled a basic overview for our process to create a scholarship at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School:

How to Start A Scholarship

For more information and questions, please contact April Gonzales, april.gonzales@bishopmanogue.org or 775-336-6061.

Bishop Manogue is thankful to the many businesses, foundations and individuals who so generously contribute to the scholarship program:

The Andersen Family
The Anxo Family
The Arden Family
The Azad Family
The Benna Family
The DJ Benardis Memorial Foundation
Big Brothers Big Sister of Northern Nevada
Bishop Manogue Football Program
Black and Indian Mission
The Brija Family
Deborah Brodeur
The Diocese of Reno
Drama Club
The Richard W. Capurro Foundation
The Christiansen Family
The Dunlap Family
The Gardner Family
The Glaubitz Family
The Glenn Family
The Granata Family
The Robert Z. Hawkins Foundation
The Henderson Family
Italian Catholic Federation
The Jaksick Family
Robert S. and Dorothy I. Keyser Foundation
Knights of Columbus of Northern Nevada
The London Family
The Menicucci Family
The Meyer Family
Miner Achievement
Miner Need
The O’Gara Family
The Oppio Family
The Nell J. Redfield Foundation
The Reviglio Family
The Rossi Family
St. Francis of Assisi Parish
The Santos Family
The Smith Family
Sparks Middle School
The Welsh Family
Msgr. Benedict Williams
The Williams Family
The Women of St. Rose of Lima
E. L. Wiegand Foundation
The Woodbridge Family
The Zerweck Family
The Zunino Family