We want all of our students to explore, to grow, and to succeed during their time at Bishop Manogue. We’ve designed Special Programs to ensure we are meeting the needs of our student body.

Student Leadership

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn how to lead! In this course, fun is the foundation, organizing and ideating events is paramount, making a difference is inevitable and smiles on the faces of your fellow Miners is the outcome! Find out how to get involved.

International Students

While our passion is to “Go into all the world…” we also relish the opportunity to bring the world to us! The International program at Bishop Manogue works to bring in students overseas to our expansive campus here in Northern Nevada for an unforgettable experience.

Integrated Learning Center

It’s no secret everyone learns differently at their own pace. The Integrated Learning Center helps students understand and make the most of their unique learning styles as well as design individualized learning strategies.

Miner Academy

Our first signature Academy here at BMCHS, the Miner Academy is strategically designed to prepare students for earth sciences, earth-based engineering, and technology fields through targeted coursework and partnerships to ensure a STEM-ready workforce prepared to fill innovative in-demand roles in our region.