We are pleased to introduce our signature program, the Miner Academy, to our Bishop Manogue course curriculum. With a well-established need for qualified workers in Nevada’s top industries of engineering and mining, or what is typically classified as a STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology & Math) workforce, is clearly falling short. Nevada boasts a rich history of mining and as one of the top five industries in the state, we have great need now, more than ever for Mining Engineers skilled to staff this thriving industry.

With this potential future shortage, educators must take a lead role in creating programs now to reverse the trend. As an educational leader in northern Nevada, Bishop Manogue Catholic High School is prepared to be a part of the solution, with the formation of the Miner Academy.

As true to our mission and roots, the Miner Academy is a creative solution to both prepare our students for a career in Science and Technology, as well as to strategically fill a gap in Nevada’s future workforce while promoting responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

Miner Academy offers students a curriculum to prepare them for matriculation into the sciences and for careers in geology, mining, engineering, mathematics, and information systems encompassing hands-on learning, field experiences, guest speakers and more.

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To speak with the Miner Academy Coordinator, please contact:

Danielle Lacombe
Miner Academy Coordinator