Scholarship Value – Up to $2,000 – $11,5000, Renewable

Al Alessandri, a first-generation American, whose parents traveled from Italy to San Francisco, was raised and educated in the Bay Area and benefitted from 16 years of Catholic education. Because of Mr.
Alessandri’s faith and love for the sacrifice his immigrant parents made, he wanted to give back to a deserving young adult who has a passion for Catholic education too. Mr. Alessandri loved music, sports, working hard to achieve good grades, and to help minorities. This is a merit-based scholarship and must be resubmitted each year for selection. Members of the Alessandri family will select the recipient each year.

All candidates must meet the following Bishop Manogue requirements for scholarship eligibility:
1. Be registered at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School.
2. Hold a minimum GPA of 3.5.
3. Have acceptable standards of behavior as set forth in the Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook.
4. Be current with Bishop Manogue Christian Services Hour requirements
5. Be a current member of a Reno Parish.
6. Must participate in a minimum of two extra-curricular activities.

To apply potential candidates must do the following:
1. Two letters of recommendation or references
3. Annually, parents must complete 20 hours of service to the school as required in the Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook

If at any time during the award year the student does not maintain acceptable standards of behavior as set forth in the Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook and/or a minimum GPA of 3.5, this scholarship can be withdrawn. The student does have a semester to correct the GPA and raise it back to 3.5.

** Incomplete applications will not be considered**