Head Coach:  Don Johnson

Email: don.johnson@bishopmanogue.org

Competitive Rifle Target Shooting is a variant of Olympic shooting sports. It is a competitive sport that requires skill, discipline and concentration where the athlete shoots 30 timed shots, at 30 targets, at ten meters in three positions, using a highly accurate .177 air rifle.


Competitive Rifle target shooting is a sport where sex, size, speed or “natural ability” does not determine success.  Shooting is a sport for everyone. Girls and boys compete equally in rifle; 48% of recent NCAA college teams were women and 33% of the National JROTC teams were women. In this sport, participants advance and succeed as a result of motivation and practice; hard work almost invariably pays off; and, the most important component of “talent” is motivation and interest.


Competitive Target rifle training teaches valuable life skills.

The discipline and practice of target rifle shooting is extremely effective in teaching life skills that enhance student performances in schoolwork as well as in home, family, social and job-related activities. Life skills that are effectively developed through marksmanship experiences include:

Self-control, self-discipline and emotional control • Responsibility (from being responsible for the safe handling of fire arms) •Concentration and attentive skills • Goal-setting and understanding how to achieve goals• Fair play, teamwork and leadership • Rewards of hard work, practice and competition • Self-image enhancement

Scholarships are also available to student-athletes to a number of colleges and universities.

Bishop Manogue is proud to offer this sport to our students in the 2016-2017 school year. Coach Johnson and the team welcomes your interest