Scholarship Value – Up to $1,000, renewable if requirements are met.

Bruno & Edna always emphasized the importance of education, playing a pivotal role in the completion of
Bishop Manogue’s campus and sending their four children to Little Flower and Bishop Manogue Catholic High
School, with a number of their grandchildren attending both schools as well.

Bruno Benna was born to Italian immigrant parents in Garfield, New Jersey, on February 13, 1929. Bruno
played basketball and football for Garfield High School, receiving All-State honors in basketball in 1947. Bruno
accepted a scholarship offer at the University of Nevada, Reno, and came West to attend college. Completing
his studies, he graduated from UNR in 1953 with a degree in Business and minors in Spanish and Education.
Upon graduation, Bruno started teaching at B.D. Billinghurst Jr. High. He only taught one year and then went
into the concrete business. He co-founded C.B. Concrete Co. with his partner Ingvart Christensen and
supplied concrete to northern Nevada for almost 40 years.

Edna Baldwin was born in Pasadena, California, on January 11, 1930. She moved to Reno in 1948 and met
Bruno that year at the UNR Homecoming football game. Edna was not raised Catholic but converted before
she and Bruno were married. Edna and Bruno were both devout Catholics. They attended mass regularly at
Little Flower Church, followed the Catholic Theology and gave generously to the church and the community.

Bruno served as President of the St. Therese Church of Little Flower Parents Club and the Bishop Manogue
Parents Club. He also served on Bishop Manogue’s initial Board of Directors. Bruno and Edna were very
supportive of Catholic education, and they have received several awards for service and were also inducted
into the Bishop Manogue Hall of Fame in 2004.

The scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman, and the Benna family will be involved in the
selection process. The recipient may renew each year if he/she maintains satisfactory academic standards
and other school criteria. A renewal application must be completed annually.

All candidates must meet the following Bishop Manogue requirements for scholarship eligibility:
1. Complete Bishop Manogue’s Application for Admissions.
2. Family must show financial need and have applied for tuition assistance by submitting a Smart Aid application.
3. Have a good citizenship record. Application transcripts will be used for verification.

Specific requirements for this scholarship are:
1. Will graduate from Little Flower Catholic School and be an incoming freshman at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School.
2. Hold a minimum GPA of 3.0. Application transcripts will be used for verification.

If at any time during the award year the student does not maintain acceptable standards of behavior as set
forth in the Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook and/or a minimum GPA of 3.0, this scholarship can be

** Incomplete applications will not be considered**