Nevada’s School Choice law, known as SB 302 or an Education Savings Account (ESA) and AB 165 also known as the Nevada Choice Scholarship Program, has opened up new funding opportunities for parents seeking educational options for their children.

Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program

Information on publicly-funded scholarships or the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program (AB 165) allows students to receive a scholarship to attend private school, pending family household eligibility. Information on these School Choice initiatives can be accessed by clicking here.

To apply for Nevada Opportunity Scholarships, please contact each of the Registered Scholarship Grant Organizations below:


Dinosaurs & Roses: 702-736-7787

Alicia Vaszil, Scholarship Director:

Michele Morgan-Devore, Executive Director:


AAA Scholarship Foundation: 888-707-2465

Kim Dyson, CEO/President:

Lupe Baergen, Program Director:


America’s Scholarship Konnection: 877-509-7755

Amy Luksza, Scholarship Director: 


Education Fund of Northern Nevada: 775-742-4285

Christopher Benna, President:

Marc Markwell, Director:


Education Savings Account

The Education Savings Account Program (ESA) provides a means for Nevada parents with children enrolled in a public/charter school to choose a different option to meet their educational needs. These funds are not based on family income. Pending the removal of the preliminary injunction, parents can simply apply for an Education Savings Account and a percentage of what the state funds for their child’s public education will be deposited into an account for that child. Nevada’s ESA program is being administered by the State Treasurer’s Office (STO), who is responsible for establishing the regulations, timelines, and program successes.

A student must attend a Nevada public/charter school for at least 100 uninterrupted school days immediately prior to submitting an application for an account.

ESA funds may be used for educational expenses such as private school tuition, tuition at eligible institutions, distance education, curriculum, tutoring fees, transportation, specialized services or therapies for students with a disability. For more information or to submit an application, please visit the site: