Dear Bishop Manogue Families, 

School entry and operations will look different this year as we adjust to new requirements to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 


On Monday, August 17, 2020, each class is required to come to campus for a brief class info session. This time will allow for students to practice building entry protocol, review new procedures for the year to come and to come together as a class (while maintaining social distance) to receive a blessing. 


The schedule for each class arrival is below. Students must line up, 6ft apart at their assigned entry location. (See grid and map for entry location assignments). 


Freshmen, Class of 2024 and New Students: Arrival time is 8:00 am 

Seniors, Class of 2021: Arrival time 12:45 pm

Juniors, Class of 2022: Arrival time: 1:45 pm

Sophomores, Class of 2023: Arrival time: 2:45 pm 

Building Entry Map


Entry Location

Last Name (A – Larr)

Last Name (Lars – Z)

North Entrance 1

A – Bad

Lar – Mal

North Entrance 2

Bah – Bow

Man – McC

Rosary Garden

Br – Can

McE – Nu

Main Entrance 1

Cao – Col

O – Pri

Main Entrance 2

Coo – Dia

Pru – Rub

Main Entrance 3

DiG – Fl

Rut – Sig

S. Chapel Entrance

Fo – Goo

Sil – Tar

Academic Wing 1

Gor – Har

Tat – Vat

Academic Wing 2

Hat – Joh

Vel – Wil

Academic Wing 3

Jon – Larr

Win – Z


Looking forward to a wonderful year, 


Go Miners! 


BMCHS Administration.