Scholarship Value – Up to $500, non-renewable

D.J. Benardis, a senior honor student at Bishop Manogue High School, was driving home from school on April 2, 1996, when an alcohol impaired driver struck his vehicle. D.J. did not survive the crash. In memory of the beautiful spirit of this young man, a memorial foundation was created by donations from friends and family. D.J.’s accomplishments during his years at BMCHS were numerous. He was President of the National Honor Society, held office as the President of his freshman, sophomore and junior class. D.J. attended Nevada Boy’s State and was named a Nevada High School Scholar. He loved athletic endeavors and played the sports of track and football with great enthusiasm. He was quarterback of the varsity team during his junior year, quarterback and co-captain during his senior year and was named all-league second team quarterback. D.J.’s academic and sports achievements were not his only outstanding characteristics. He possessed true care and compassion for others and was active in Chi Rho (a Christian service organization for young men). He had been accepted to the University of Notre Dame, University of Colorado, offered the honors program at the University of Washington, and was a recipient of an academic scholarship to Oxford University, Oxford, England. D.J.’s warm smile, positive attitude and loving spirit shall never be forgotten by those fortunate to have known him.

In memory of D.J., a $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to one student each from the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. D.J. Benardis Foundation will be involved in the selection of recipients. This is an academic merit-based scholarship, therefore no Smart Aid application is required.

All candidates must meet the following Bishop Manogue requirements for scholarship eligibility:
1. Have acceptable standards of behavior as set in the Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook.
2. Be current with Bishop Manogue Christian Service Hour requirements

Specific requirements for this scholarship are:
1. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above

If at any time during the award year the student does not maintain acceptable standards of behavior as set in the Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook and/or a minimum GPA of 3.3, this scholarship can be withdrawn.

** Incomplete applications will not be considered**