What is Miner Block?

In an ongoing effort to provide for each of our student’s academic needs, we have allotted time in our schedule to ensure that our students have the opportunity to visit their Core Teachers (English, Science, Math, Social Studies, AP) for tutoring or extra engagement. Teachers of other subjects may be available upon special request. Students, as well as parents, will have the opportunity to request tutoring or a time to complete make-up work. Core Teachers will also have the opportunity to request tutoring and make-up time for any student. Freshmen and sophomore students not seeking help from a Core Teacher will have the opportunity to work on assignments during their Miner Block Homeroom. From the MB Homeroom, students will be released to see the Core teacher with whom they have made an appointment.

This is a wonderful training ground for our students as they prepare to enter college. Our underclassmen have the benefit of having planned office hour opportunities, while our upperclassmen learn to schedule time with instructors in various departments proactively. This also provides students with the opportunity to be their own advocates and develop the skills they need to be even stronger learners.

Who participates in Miner Block?

Miner Block is mandatory for freshmen and sophomores and optional for juniors and seniors. Only sophomores and freshmen are assigned to a Miner Block Homeroom period. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to use this time as office hours and seek tutoring or AP enhancement. Juniors and Seniors will set-up their appointments with the desired Core Teacher through the request form. 

When will Miner Block occur?

Miner Block will occur on most Thursdays from 1:30-2:15. For our current situation, sophomores and freshmen who are on campus will be required to attend their Miner Block Homeroom on Thursday. Sophomores and Freshmen attending virtually on a given Thursday will not be required to participate in their Miner Block Homeroom period but may make an appointment to see a teacher. There will also be an opportunity for virtual learners or students not on campus on Thursday to visit with their teacher on Friday afternoon. Fridays are not a required Miner Block day; all students will be released at 1:00 PM and, if they have scheduled an appointment, will be allowed to meet with the teacher. 

How will students meet with their core teachers during Miner Block?

  • Student and/or Parent completes the Miner Block Request Form to their student’s Miner Block teacher (your student will let you know who this is) no later than 3:00 PM on the Wednesday before Miner Block. Any request sent after the 3:00 PM deadline may not be honored.
  • Tutoring requests not pre-arranged are invalid (students may not ask to see a Core Teacher during Miner Block). This will help to honor the time of the Core teacher and will help students to use the policy as it is designed. 
  • Students will use the standard check out form in each classroom after checking in with their Miner Block teacher at the beginning of each Miner Block. Once the digital form is filled out, the student will follow the protocol for receiving the assigned tutoring.


What if I have other questions?

Please contact Mr. Lazarek at frank.lazarek@bishopmanogue.org.