Welcome to the BMCHS 2021 Radio Drama Production of


A Christmas Carol

This Radio Drama is based on the book by Charles Dickens and adapted by Charles Guyotte.

It is edited and narrated by Kimberly Hilliard, the Bishop Manogue Music and Drama instructor.

Act I Cast

Cade Patten – Mr. Scrooge, Young Ebenezer Scrooge, Joseph

Robin Bond, III –  Bob Cratchit, Dick Wilikins

Sophia Rauenhorst  Sacha

Danica LeBleu – Rine, Fan

Mary Lee – Belle (young and old)

Annika Gratrix –  Ghost of Christmas Past

Special Guest Actors

Mr. Matthew Schambari

Mr. Drew Franklin

Mr. Anthony Bedoy


Act II Cast

Cade Patten – Mr. Scrooge, Peter, Jack

Mary Lee –  Ghost of Christmas Present

Shelby Harmon  Mrs. Cratchit

Kaley Robinson – Martha, Scrooge’s Niece

Nichole Bechdolt – Belinda

Robbie Bond –  Topper

Sophia Rauenhorst –  Jane

Special Guest Actor

Zachary Thoreson – Tiny Tim


Act III Cast

Cade Patten – Scrooge, Peter, Old Joe

Annika Gratrix – Ms. Stout

Sophia Rauenhorst – Mrs. Mamouth

Kaley Robinson – Mrs. Gout

Nicole Bechdolt – Ms. Scarlett, Belinda

Robin Bond, III – Undertakers man, Mr. Chandler, Bob Cratchit

Danica LeBleu – Ms. French, Laundress

Shelby Harmon – Mrs. Dilber, Mrs.Cratchit

Mary Lee – Mrs. Chandler

Special Guests

Mr. Matthew Schambari (President of BMCHS) –  Fred

Zachary Thoreson – Tiny Tim