We are a highly motivated group of students who work to create amazing experiences and memories for others. Whether it is fellow Bishop Manogue students, the wide variety of people we volunteer with, or the random passer-by “lucky” enough to hear us scream the fight song, our goal is to be servant leaders and encourage participation.

ASB Events:


ASB Elections begin 2/19  –  Information found below

Mr. Manogue: April 4

Prom: April 25


Miner in Need

Complete this form to alert us to a student who needs a friend, needs a laugh, or needs to find their place in the Bishop Manogue Community.

ASB Officers:

President: Annika Sexton
Vice President: Alyssa Schmitt
Recording Officer: Amelia Gladys
Treasurer: Alison Anthony
Historian: Tayler Lund
Chief of Staff: Deja Alfaro
Commissioner of Clubs: Elle Ernaut
Commissioner of Events: Macy Smith & Emmery Kate Guillen
Commissioner of Media: Jenna Sterrett & Sammy Dulisse
Commissioner of Rallies: Ryleigh McCulley
Commissioner of Partner Schools: Robert Johnson
Commissioner of Recognition: Madi Burrows
Commissioner of Service: Mary Browne
Commissioner of Spirit: Jack Weise, Jax Pieretti, Jack Woodhead
Senior Class Representatives: Charleigh Cochran, Gabby deJong, Mateo Reviglio
Junior Class Representatives: Cort Ballinger, Drew Scolari, Izabel Esau
Sophomore Class Representatives: Eva Damonte, Reagan Stephens, Haley Johnston
Freshman Class Representatives: Daniel Mariscal, Josie Sehgal
ASB Members: Jamie Allen, Julia Rivera, Elena Aramini, Amy Van Gelder, Beck Wilson, Nick Partridge, Max Schmitt, Luke Marazzo, Amanda Wen, Jeffrey Arao, Hannah Hirsh, Elissa Simons, Gigi Hurst, Kamden Rich, Rylee Wyman, Malia Ascuaga, Marisol Ascuaga, Marc Van Gelder, Lulu Liu