We are a highly motivated group of students who work to create amazing experiences and memories for others. Whether it is fellow Bishop Manogue students, the wide variety of people we volunteer with, or the random passer-by “lucky” enough to hear us scream the fight song, our goal is to be servant leaders and encourage participation.

ASB Events Fall 2022

  • Welcome Back Week: Monday 8/15 – Saturday 8/20
  • Club Fair: both lunches during Welcome Back Week
  • Homecoming Week: Monday 9/19 – Saturday 9/24
  • Kindness Week: Monday 11/14 – Friday 11/18
  • Christmas Week: Monday 12/12 – Friday 12/16

Care Card Project!

CARE Card Project
The CARE Card Project is a unique Student Council fundraiser that focuses on handwritten cards of gratitude and encouragement sent to a recipient of your choosing.  This program focuses on the Mission of Bishop Manogue Catholic High School in Faith, Leadership, Knowledge, and Compassion and card designs were created by Manogue’s Art students.  The cost per card is $5 and 1 community service hour is given if you purchase 4 cards. Student Council and Leadership students will hand write these cards with your message and with your card choice. These cards will be mailed or delivered. These cards can be sent to front-line workers, firefighters, police officers, parents, teachers, staff, friends, grandparents, senior care centers, etc.
CLICK HERE: for payment options 

Join ASB!

Elections take place February 2023! More information will be provided January 2023.

ASB Officers:

President: Alivia Long
Vice President:  Torrance DiGrazia
Recording Officer:  Rachel Lee
Treasurer: Josey Sehgal
Historian: Cienna Sigstad
Senior Class President: Dom Damonte
Senior Class Representative: Cameron Reed
Senior Class Representative: Jake Struby
Junior Class President: Amaya Aramini
Junior Class Representative: Madeleine Jones
Junior Class Representative: Ben Scolari
Sophomore Class President: Elijah Kirwan
Sophomore Class Representative: Pele Masina
Sophomore Class Representative: Molly Sullivan
Commissioner of Events: Ela Aonga
Commissioner of Events: Danielle Taylor
Commissioner of Rallies: Bianka Patel
Commissioner of Rallies: Kaitlyn Riley
Commissioner of Spirit: Michael King
Commissioner of Spirit: Joey Scolari
Commissioner of Service: Delaney Desmond
Commissioner of Clubs: Alex Jaffe
Commissioner of Media: Tilley Guillen
Commissioner of Recognition: Keira Brady
ASB Members: Daniel Mariscal, Lauren Schmidt, Kate Pagni, Lily Haack, Kate Garcia, Teson Grant, Audrey Angold, Julia DiGrazia, Hailey Hirsh