ASB Officers:

President: Chase Bowers
Vice President: Ellen Bayliss
Recording Officer: Allison Gunderson
Treasurer: Ellen Nutter
Commissioner of Clubs:
Commissioner of Events:
Commissioner of Recognition:
Commissioner of Rallies:
Junior Class Representatives:
Sophomore Class Representatives:
Freshman Class Representatives:
At Large Members:

Miners to Know

Who we are

We are a highly motivated group of students who work to create amazing experiences and memories for others. Whether it is fellow Bishop Manogue students, the wide variety of people we volunteer with, or the random passer-by “lucky” enough to hear us scream the fight song, our goal is to be servant leaders and encourage participation.


Miner in Need

Complete this form to alert us to a student who needs a friend, needs a laugh, or needs to find their place in the Bishop Manogue Community.

Student Tutors


Miner Congrats

ASB Events:

Welcome Back Week: Date/2018

Homecoming: September 17-21

Prom: Date 2019