Welcome to Freshman Night! Please watch the presentations and download the corresponding PDFs in the tabs below. 

If you have any additional questions about the enrollment or financial aid process, please contact Danielle Lacombe at Danielle.Lacombe@BishopManogue.org

Thank you, and GO MINERS!

Academic Requirements
Policies and Procedures
College Admissions
Forms and Content

Course Bulletin 

Bypass Form 

Algebra II/Trig Honors and Chemistry Honors Counseling Letter – if you are currently a student in the GATE program in Washoe County or taking Geometry from a Local Partner School, please read the letter from the counselor regarding college implications for enrolling in the above courses.

Please return your course request and bypass forms to Danielle Lacombe, Director of Admissions.  Danielle.Lacombe@BishopManogue.org