Scholarship Value – $1,500-$5,000

The Michael “Bub” Yenick Memorial Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that will be granted to one student-athlete who has participated in an athletic program for the past two years and has demonstrated a high level of volunteer commitment to charity-based or need-based groups, children, senior citizens, homeless, or
underprivileged persons.

Michael “Bub” Yenick was a gifted athlete who led Bishop Manogue High School athletic teams to win Nevada State Championships in Football and Basketball in 1999-2000. Bub had a natural athletic ability for all sports in which he devoted many long, compassionate and dedicated hours of practice. He was a leader off the field and extremely devoted to his faith and spirituality. During his time at Bishop Manogue he was very involved in school spirituality and became a Eucharistic Minister. As a team captain and popular guy, Bub would constantly reach out to fellow classmates who didn’t socially quite fit in. His cool demeanor and simplistic offers to have others join him at lunch, pick up the ball, or hang out in the hall would be small acts of kindness Bub constantly gave out to everyone and
anyone. He took those early life lessons and values and practiced what was preached to him. He wasn’t doing it for gratitude or attention, he was just being Bub.

All candidates must meet the following Bishop Manogue requirements for scholarship eligibility:
1. Current Bishop Manogue Senior who qualified for aid their Senior year.
2. Have acceptable standards of behavior as set in the Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook.
3. Be current with Bishop Manogue Christian Service Hour requirements.
Specific requirements for this scholarship are:
1. Hold a minimum GPA of 3.2.
2. Have participated in a minimum of two extracurricular activities.
If at any time during the award year the student does not maintain acceptable standards of behavior as set in the
Bishop Manogue Parent/Student Handbook and/or a minimum GPA of 3.5, this scholarship can be withdrawn.
** Incomplete applications will not be considered**