The mission of the Integrated Learning Center at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School is to assist students in becoming successful learners through understanding of their unique learning styles. The goal for students is autonomy in learning that reflects greater self-awareness and consistent use of individualized learning strategies. Services are provided on various levels depending on the student’s individual need. An individualized plan is developed for each student and implemented by certified and experienced staff.


Services and classes available through the Integrated Learning Center are extended only to students formally diagnosed with a learning disability and currently enrolled in the Integrated Learning Center program or 504 plan (with recommendation for extra support services by appropriate licensed personnel).

Admission and Application

In order for students to be considered for admission into the Integrated Learning Center, parents must provide:
  1. A written psychoeducational report of assessment by a qualified and licensed clinician/psychologist. This should be three years current and specifically demonstrate how the disability hinders the student’s academic performance.
  2. Any previous accommodation plan (504, IEP, formal written plan) if the student has previously received specialized instruction or accommodation.

The psychoeducational evaluation is the cornerstone to an effective plan of supportive education for the students as well as the operation of a focused, successful program. If you do not have documentation, please contact Child Find through the Washoe County School District for additional information: (775) 333-6035 or call an independent professional.
Documentation must be typed, current, be appropriate to the secondary environment, and include the name and credentials of the evaluator. The following professionals considered qualified to evaluate specific learning disabilities, providing he/she has experience and training in evaluating adolescent learning disabilities, include, but are not limited to school psychologists, clinical or educational psychologists, neuropsychologists, learning disabilities specialists, and medical doctors.
  1. Actual test scores of neuropsychological or psychoeducational assessment, data, and data summary must be provided with the specific diagnosis of a disability and, again, specify the functional limitations related to the disability and its current impact on academic performance.
  2. A diagnostic summary must include specific recommendations for academic accommodations (foreign language waiver).

Neuropsychological or Psychoeducational Assessment

The two essential areas of cognitive ability / aptitude and academic achievement must be assessed. Therefore, a student must submit results of one test from each of the two categories.

The possible assessment instruments listed below are not intended to be an exhaustive list. These tests are merely recommended due to their reliability and validity for use with adolescents.

Cognitive Ability / Aptitude

  1. Kaufman Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test
  2. Nelson – Denny Reading Test
  3. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: Fifth Edition (SB 5)
  4. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III (WAIS-III) or WISC
  5. Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery-III: Tests of Cognitive Ability (WJIII-Cognitive Ability)

Academic Achievement

  1. KeyMath, Revised NU
  2. Scholastic Abilities Test for Adults (SATA)
  3. Stanford Test of Academic Skills (TASK)
  4. Test of Written Language-4 (TOWL-4)
  5. Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery-III: Tests of Academic Achievement

Academic Seminar

Academic Seminar is a semester-long course. Students receive a 0.5 elective credit for each semester the course is taken. The purpose of the course is to assist students formally identified with a learning disability to achieve success within the Bishop Manogue Catholic High School curriculum. Academic Seminar and other services offered through the Integrated Learning Center are intended to assist students in establishing learning compensatory strategies that aid in the learning process. Additionally, students spend time in Academic Seminar learning about: goal-setting, organizational skills, study skills, test-taking skills, self-advocacy and close reading comprehension.
For more information on applying to the Integrated Learning Center, please contact Dr. Lauren McBride
(775) 336-6002
Bishop Manogue Catholic High School is a four-year Catholic, co-educational private high school in Reno, Nevada. The only Catholic high school in northern Nevada, it is a separately incorporated non-profit diocesan school operated under the authority of the Diocesan Bishop, Daniel H. Mueggenborg.